Sunday, October 23, 2022

A B1G Home W-IN!

The Scarlet Knights finally came through with a B1G home win vs. Indiana, beating the Hoosiers 24-17 on a picturesque homecoming that provided the backdrop for yet another great BREP Nation tailgate!

Dave, Tom solve RU's
scoring problems
It's impolite to point
Eavesdropping on the
ladies' conversation
It was a beautiful autumn morning that started out in the high 40s but quickly warmed as the day progressed. The menu was solid enough, with a normal breakfast fare of scrambled eggs, homefries, pork roll, bacon, bagels, pastries, Kentucky and New Hampshire bourbon and Natty Bo. The turnout was favorable too; just a great bunch of folks to make an autumn Saturday all the better.

On the boards, the highlight was perhaps Kathy's 3 bullseyes in her and the author's double-digit thrashing of the Eric-Pete duo. 

RU 1-0 when this
crew visits Dana's brick

As generous as our buffet was the group inheriting a seat two rows in front of us from a fan who left Section 121 early. Between that and the gift of a Rutgers home win, an early Thanksgiving blessing!

Banner October day for Scarlet Knights football

Rutgers is at Minnesota next week, with a 2:30 p.m. kickoff. It's a huge game for the 4-3 Knights, who are still very much alive for a .500 season and bowl bid. Of course a Nebraska win would have made that road a lot less rocky, but beating the Gophers, also 4-3 overall and 1-3 in conference, puts us in a good position with four games to go. 

Our next home game is Saturday, Nov. 5 vs. Michigan, kickoff at 7:30 p.m. (Some vintage Ann Arbor trip pics below).

Kickoff is TBD but it's not too early to discuss tailgate menu options. A few tailgates ago vs. the Wolverines we crafted sandwiches from the Maize and Blue Deli in Ann Arbor, MI, which were a big hit and fairly easy (mostly cold cuts and home made cole slaw with toppings). We could revisit those or go elsewhere (e.g. Oktoberfest menu, Jim's Blimpie burgers), so let's get the chatter going.   

It's all the more exciting to think about off a win!


  1. I have fond memories of the Maize and Blue sandwiches from our last Michigan tailgate so would be totally down with them UNLESS the Festmeister comes out of retirement for Oktoberfest.

  2. Should we go that route, Pete, here's what we need; everyone can contribute in some fashion:
    - Sourdough bread
    - Deli Meats (Roast Beef, Smoked Turkey)
    - Cheeses (Colby/Jarlsberg, and/or Provolone to keep it simple)
    - Cole Slaw -- BILL
    - Honeycup mustard -- BILL
    - Tomato, Lettuce, Onion, Green Pepper
    - Side Dishes; can keep simple, e.g. chips, potato salad

    I shredded a gigantic cabbage last week and will do the slaw + the honeycup mustard (have fresh honey from TF beekeeper that kicks ass.) Will back up if no one volunteers the other stuff.

    Last time we did I had to hit a boutique bakery for sourdough; so if anyone knows where to get a few loaves of simple off-the-shelf sourdough that'd be great.

  3. I'll handle the sourdough bread (just ordered from local bakery) and our friend/neighbor Mari will bring a side salad, either potato or pasta. It will be 3 of us - me, Sharon and Mari. Mari's husband Bob is rehabbing from knee surgery so he's on the PUP list. My fourth ticket is available.

    Due to the combination of exceptionally warm weather forecasted, and an opponent who draws well, I would strongly suggest folks get to the black lot by 3pm which is when we'll arrive.

  4. Ill get deli meats/cheese. What do we think 2lbs meat 1lb cheese?

  5. We can bring a big assortment of beers and soda and we can bring some bags of chips.

  6. I can bring the tomatoes, etc. plus some water. Question- what kind of onions? Red, white, does it matter? 2nd question- green pepper- do I cut that up into strips?

  7. Red preferably, and do go nuts on peppers; figuring big enuff to roast

  8. So we seem to be set. Thanks all!

    Now I can go watch Breeders Cup races 3-6 in peace b4 tailgate lol. Good day for horse 🐎 flag!

  9. I'm bringing some chips, pretzels and sweets

  10. I may be there closer to 315-330 but will do best for 3