Thursday, September 2, 2021

Rutgers vs. Temple POSTPONED to Saturday

Please keep tabs of details on game info at Rutgers' homepage

If on Saturday as it sounds, I won't be there, and Chris uncertain as well. 

I'll make arrangements with Larry to drop off all the stuff with him, since I'll be in Saratoga tomorrow through Saturday night. 

I can either freeze the steak for next game, or give to Larry for you guys to enjoy assuming someone's going to grill. 

Use the comment field below for discussion.


  1. Not sure about Saturday yet. We have Yankees tickets 1pm start. Weren't sure about that yet either. Dave

  2. Noon start. Will not make it to this game or Delaware. BREP

    1. Sorry about Multiple posts. Blog is giving me problems on iPad

  3. I've arranged to drop all tickets and passes for Saturday with Dana this afternoon. He'll also have season-ticket envelopes for whomever shows to Temple.

    Dave, I'll give you Tom's.

    Pete, I'll ask you to hold Larry's since I won't be at Game 3 (Ohio State). That package has parking plus tickets for Games 3-6. I've got a few parking passes and his and Chris' tix for Delaware (neither attending).

    Chris, I'm dropping all but Delaware in your mailbox after meeting Dana, since he's right behind Pour House.

    Then I will begin to drink heavily the rest of today.

  4. Thanks Bill. For those attending Saturday’s noon game, can we agree on a 9am meet-up at Walmart? I vote for Bill freezing cheesesteaks and brining to 3:30pm Delaware game. Maybe we keep it simple for Saturday and do continental breakfast (donuts/muffins and such)?

  5. Just realize that Delaware is a noon start. I can go

  6. Just realize that Delaware is not w noon start. 330 works for me. I can go

  7. Agree with Pete. 9:00 @ walmart, continental, Dana and I bringing bagels. Who is going?

  8. I am in and bringing Diane along (using one of Bill's tickets). I will stop at Bill's today or tomorrow for grill. I will get one of the parking passes from Dana and just meet you guys at the lot, if that is OK? Not sure what else we need, but let me know and I can bring. Eggs?

  9. Well there are some extra tickets available because Bill, Tom, and myself are not going, please be sure you have enough of extra people are coming because the game is technically sold out. Dave is still up in the air about what to do so I’m not sure if his four tickets are available

  10. Dave just texted me that he's going to the Yankee game so his tickets are available.