Sunday, August 25, 2019

2019 Season Begins on Friday

Good morning, Nation!

Officially we've still got another month of summer, and then there's local's summer, which gives John the opportunity to once again find a parking spot in Asbury Park, at least until next July 4.

Have you seen this man?
The Audi club security would like
 to talk to him. 
As you already know, the Scarlet Knights 2-win 2019 football campaign begins this Friday night, August 30, with 7:15 p.m. kickoff and post-game fireworks.

Logistically the start time is a bit of a headache with many of us working a full day, though it provides us three potentially awesome beach days on Labor Day weekend and the chance to visit Saratoga for one last day trip before sadly the season concludes!

In that light, and as by the time we get into the parking lot we won't have a ton of time to cook, I propose ordering 3-6 foot subs from Pat's, which I'm happy to arrange. Figuring something like the breaded chicken cutlet-mozzarella-roasted pepper as done in the past? And we can each bring our own beverages before really embracing our true tailgate culture.

If people are really revved up to grill, I'll bring the tools, but ain't doing the cooking; just too tired (and still sorta battling a sinus infection). I'm happy, however, to once we really get into the campaign with home game #2 vs. Boston College on Sept. 21.

Please use the comment field to discuss how to proceed.

Me and Chris will likely leave Tinton Falls around least that's the goal. I've got one of the parking tags, and BREP has the rest of the group's tickets (Dave has his 4 and a parking already too), so my crew -- me, Kaitlyn and BRES -- can just meet the rest of y'all in the black lot if some of you plan on getting their earlier.


  1. I just spoke with BREP and we're going to meet at 4pm at Wal-Mart. It makes no sense for me to come later because the Labor Day Weekend traffic will just get worse for us heading south. For all non-Tinton Falls tailgaters, please let us know ASAP if you can meet at 4pm for ticket distribution + caravan to the Black Lot. We'll save a spot in the black lot for Bill & Chris.

    Subs work for me. I'll bring side salads. And in addition to Miller Lite, I will bring the rarest of rarities for the craft beer aficionados among us -- Heady Topper, fresh from The Alchemist in Stowe, Vermont. And I'll charge less than the $825 it fetches on Craigslist.

    In addition to me and Sharon, RU tailgate newbies Gene and Susan (my brother and sister-in-law) will be joining us.

  2. I'll be up from VA, with some beer and some munchies.
    I hope to be there by 4pm, I'll try to leave before 10:30am so a repeat of last week won't happen (6+ hour trip up from VA).
    If there are any extra tickets, let me know, as my Dad is interested if there are any spares.

  3. Sounds great. Bill - please post an estimate of how much sandwiches will cost so we can compensate you accordingly. I will bring the Yeunglng.

  4. Subs r fine by me. I’ll work on Busch fri so I’ll just walk over to tailgate when the first people arrive in black lot. BAZ

  5. We'll bring sodas and chips. Jen, the boys and I are all coming. Just count 2 of us for subs.

  6. Myself and Evan are in (anyone have an extra ticket I can buy for Evan?) I will bring some additional chips/snacks and beer/drinks if needed. Otherwise a dessert.

  7. As it sounds like a good number of people are on board with the sub idea, I'll order one for Friday -- maybe go two-thirds (4') breaded chicken, mutz and roasted peppers and one-third (2') Italian? Larry, past history suggests sub will be ~$90-$100. Butcher says 1/3-foot per person, so with Kaitlyn's friend Erin and her Mom joining us (and replacing Dave's kids in the count) we're still at about 19 folks.

    I'll also bring a table, cornhole, etc.

    Pete, excited to meet Gene and Susan. But Gene Frenkel (SNL cowbell skit) is still my No. 1 Gene. Like legendary record producer Bruce Dickinson, I've got a fever, and the only more cowbell!

    Chris, we've got an extra ticket for Evan.

  8. JC, Dana and Andrea/Eric texted me that they are all coming. Andrea will make cupcakes for dessert. Apparently some people cannot log into site as they could last year.
    Also it doesn't seem there are any extra tickets so if you need one plan accordingly.

  9. Anne and I will attend. We will bring popcorn and a few beverages and $ for the subs and such. We purchased tix off stub hub, a few rows in front of y'all; $250 per ticket if anyone wants to upgrade.

  10. I was at my house last night, I have and will bring the BOX: paper plates, plastic utensils, paper towel roll, spare gas (which we don't need this time), cups, foil

    I might have Aaron and his parents to hang with us, but if they come I'll make sure they bring their food ... Baz

  11. Dana texted me he is bringing a kid and a friend. He is unable to post to blog.

  12. Just going to throw out there my preference for the small Black Lot- less crowded, more space.

  13. Last couple times I don't believe they were letting folks park in that lot, maybe because they didn't need it as overflow?

  14. I just picked up 7' of sub and have condiments to go with it. Since Larry asked, total was $170.

    Basil, others...we'll have PLENTY for other folks; they can all chip in

    Expecting to leave soon as Chris arrives