Sunday, August 19, 2018

The 2018 Season Is Upon Us!

It's time for the members of B-REP Nation to start preparing physically and mentally for the 2018 Rutgers football season, where hopefully we can at least scratch out a .500 season and a bowl game, and regain a measure of respectability in NCAA football.

The team previews suggest we'll be able to defend the pass, while the defensive line and uncertainty at quarterback and wide receiver are the wild cards to whether we can make the above a reality.
Book O'Tickets

Disappointingly, several members of the Nation who asked me cannot put their entire retirement-savings account and free cash on Rutgers on the "Over 9.5" wins wager at Monmouth Park, since we're prohibited from wagering on the Scarlet Knights under the new sports-betting law. Alternatively, however, the Giants "Under" is probably a winning proposition. Or we double down on 50-50s.

As everyone's enjoying the fleeting moments of summer, our tickets arrived late last week, which means the home opener vs. Texas State is fast approaching.

We'll have 5 extra tickets for that one, with Team Hobo still away on family vacation and hiking in Acadia National Park on Bill's birthday. Festmeister Skurat will bring everyone's ticket packages, the grill and whatever else to accommodate the opening-game tailgate, where hopefully it's not oppressively hot like in '17.

The home schedule -- all Saturday games -- is pretty accommodating to those of us who find September to be one of the best months for beach-going, and that don't want to freeze their tails off in that late-November scenario we've been in several times. 

Kickoff times and regional food/tailgate cuisine ideas:
Here's looking to a great season, and another year of memories with the B-REP Nation crew!


  1. BREP checking in. looking forward to seeing you all. What are tour thoughts for this weeks tailgate? Breakfast? Burgers and dogs?

  2. I'll take 2 tickets (for Jason & Jen). I'm good with burgers and dogs this weekend. Simple menu gives us more time for catching up.

  3. Burgers & dogs fine. I will grab one ticket for my nephew
    if possible.

  4. Sounds like burgers and dogs are it which is fine with me. Let's hope the weather cooperates because it's looking a bit unsettled right now. I'll volunteer to bring a couple side salads, plus my coolers with the usual Miller Lite, water and soda. Who can bring the burgers, dogs, rolls, condiments, paper plates and utensils?

  5. I have Bill's grill, I will grab the hot dogs, rolls, sauerkraut, onions, etc.

  6. Excellent. i will bring a case of Yuengling. The meet up time will be 8:45 AM at the Walmart lot.

  7. I will still be in Greenland on Saturday, so Dave has my ticket. If he doesn't need it, then anyone can have it.

  8. My cousin Bob will be coming using the extra BREP/BASIL ticket.

    We still need volunteers to bring the burgers/rolls/cheese, condiments, paper plates and utensils.

    Chris - Do you have Bill's cornhole?

  9. I will get burgers, buns and cheese. I also have some paper plater and plastic forks left over from last year. Probs not quite enough plates for saturday.

  10. ptbeachbum@gmail.comAugust 28, 2018 at 10:13 PM

    We can bring the condiments, chips, some dessert. We'll also have some sodas and water.

  11. Witkowski attendance update: we will have 4 people -- me, Sharon, and our neighbors Glenn and Donna. So I am in the market for one extra ticket. I know the BREP/Basil ticket is claimed, and it looks like Dave has claimed two and Chris one, so does that leave any more????

  12. Andrea and Eric are away and are a maybe for the game on Saturday pending weather. They will let me know on Friday if they are coming.

    Whiel the three Hobo tickets are gone, I believe the Tom Labue ticket is unaccounted for.

    Will there be cornhole?

  13. I will try to swing by Bill's house and pick up the cornhole equipment.

  14. Hi Dave,
    Can you confirm that if you take 2 of the Hobo tickets for Jen and Jason, and Chris takes the 3rd Hobo ticket for his nephew, that I can give Tom's ticket to my neighbor?

  15. Yes. I'll take 2 of the Hobo tickets for Jen and Jason, and Chris takes the 3rd Hobo ticket for his nephew, that you can give Tom's ticket to my neighbor.

  16. Andrea & Eric will be coming. They will bring utensils, plates, and paper towels. Their friend John Lyon (NOT Southside) will also be attending and will need to scalp a ticket, unless anyone knows of one out there. He may take Basil's ticket, as his attendance is up in the air at this time.

    Andrea and Eric will also bring some eggs and pork and a frying pan for John, and have offered to cook this stuff to ease the burden on Chris. In no way should this be thought of as an acceptance or denial on BREP's part of the breakfast aspect of the tailgate, or its real or perceive ramifications of the preparation of the already vetted hamburger/hot dog tailgate.

  17. Final tally: I count 19 heads Here's the rundown:
    Pete (4)
    Chris (3)
    Burk (3)
    Dave (4)
    JC (2)
    Larry (2)
    Basil (1)
    JC just texted he may be running late and cannot get there until 9:30 AM. He asked if we could leave a parking pass behind at Walmart. Anyone know how many parking passes we have this year?

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  19. Car Assignments:
    CAR 1 - SKURAT - Chris (3), Larry (2)
    CAR 2 - LABUE - Dave (4)
    CAR 3 - WITKOWSKI - Pete (4)
    CAR 4 - BURK - Andrea, Eric, john Lyon (scalping) (3), Basil (1)
    CAR 5- COULTER - JC , Dana (2)

    CAR 5 will be arriving at tailgate at approximately 9:30 AM - JC to coordinate parking pass transfer with Chris