Thursday, August 12, 2021

Three Weeks From Today

The feather duster is out on!

It's time to wipe away almost two years of dust, borrow Skurat's overused power washer to clean the tailgate grill and locate everything we need for our return to the black lot after almost a 2-year hiatus. 

It all begins three weeks from tonight -- Rutgers vs. Temple, 6:30 p.m. at SHI* Stadium!

Just a few logistical points, in case anyone was wondering.

RU is relying largely on a mobile-ticket setup this year, which got me mentally prepared to manage 1,300 texts a week about who's coming to a game, or not or to whom we're transferring tickets and then to have those tickets transferred to someone else. But our ticket agent called Tuesday to say he preemptively selected old-fashioned paper tickets for us. So I'll distribute those at or before the first tailgate.

I forgot to ask our agent, but I'm guessing, too, the parking tags will be physical rather than mobile (as they'll be for most ticket holders). We've got 5 again.

I can't tell for sure but the website makes it look like the lower Black lot's open again. We'll see.

Regarding Temple, it's a bit early to discuss, but if we're keeping with tradition and going the route of the opponent's city's primary food or pigout stop, I'm happy to grill cheesesteaks, which seem popular, with homefries on the side. I'm off that Thursday and Friday and can pretty much head up at any time (2:30-3?), but recognize some in the group will be working and/or bypassing the tailgate (including BRESM - Big Red Elvis Servant's Mom). 

Final points:

- As a Delaware alum, we've invited a bunch of Kathy's friends from her days as a Blue Fowl; so it should be a big crew and a fun time on Sept. 18. 

- We'll be visiting BRES Stan from College Park at UMD the same weekend as Ohio State on Oct. 2 (he wins out over Kaitlyn for dual "Parents Weekend" days, since the kid'll be back at RU residing at Newell on Cook and likely at most RU games), so if someone's in need of two tickets or wanna trade for another lemme know. 

- We need to locate the newly repackaged Schaefer. Keep an eye out.

- Andrea, don't get any ideas about becoming a Terrapin fan just because there's another one among us now, compounding Dana's pain as a UMD parent. It's merely for grossly expensive educational purposes only.

The 2021 home schedule:

- Thursday, Sept. 2, Temple, 6:30 p.m.

- Saturday, Sept. 18, Delaware, 3:30 p.m.

- Saturday, Oct. 2, Ohio State, TBD

- Saturday, Oct. 9, Michigan State, Noon

- Saturday, Nov. 6, Wisconsin, TBD (Breeders Cup Saturday)

- Saturday, Nov. 27, Maryland, TBD (Thanksgiving Weekend)


  1. Drove by the lower black lot a few days ago. Still a construction site. BRES is dead. He is hence force to he referred to as Stan from College Park.

  2. Larry I thought you'd enjoy the new homepage banner LOL. But Stan from College Park works just as well.

  3. Looking forward to the Temple game on Sept. 2nd. Sharon and I will be there, not sure about my other 2 tickets since work schedules may be an issue for some folks. Cheesesteaks sound awesome -- I understand they pair well with Miller Lite so I'll bring a couple cans. We can commit to being at Walmart by 4pm.

  4. I would like to claim one of the parking passes as I will need to leave the game early. BREP

    1. I am good to meet anytime after 3. Let me know the time!!

  5. Baz is going to game and I plan to work on Busch that day ... so I'll just walk to the black lot for the tailgate. I good for whatever we want to do foodwise.

  6. Looks like Dana and I are in for the game, but both working Thursday so gonna have to skip the tailgate. Look forward to seeing you guys!

  7. Sorry I am late to the 2021 party!!! Thanks as always for leading us Bill. I am in for this game for sure as well as the tailgate. I love the cheesesteak idea and naturally can contribute whatever is needed or I can make loaded tots/tots casserole.

  8. Jen, David, Jason, and I are looking forward to seeing everyone and the tailgates. We're in for this Thursday. Let us know what time and what to bring.