Wednesday, September 21, 2016

RU-New Mexico Happy recap

A befuddled Eric struggling with leading us into the parking lot  
The breakfast buffet 

Rich. Lisa, & the MIB (with our resident photo bomber Eric)  
For the second of three consecutive weeks, the BREP-Nation crew assembled on a warm sunny morning to cheer on the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. After a bit of drama in getting everyone parked in the same area through some nifty BREP negotiations with the RU parking staff, we were treated to a breakfast of Pete's Burritos and a tasty tater tot casserole created by Chris (aka Richie).

After getting settled, we gave a warm welcome to the new comers Rich and his crew before getting down to business for some serious corn hole. The Men in Black (MJ and Mike) stunned the BREP/BRES team with a crushing loss via a 6 point last bag throw.   Order was restored when Skurat & Son team was able to take down the MIB later in the morning.

BRES goes double fisted on the RU parking lot couch  
After making the trek to the stadium, we were stunned as the Scarlet Knights were down 21-0 nearing the end of the first quarter, Desperate times called for desperate measures, which after mixing up the seating arrangements, there was only one thing left we could do - RALLY CAPS!!!
BREP-Nation turns their hats around to turn the game around!!

Then something magical happened, as score RU touchdown after touchdown on a deep bomb, a reverse flea flicker, and a punt return. By halftime, Rutgers surged ahead. Feeling a need to do whatever was needed salt away a victory, Shane led the charge as we consumed 6 boxes of popcorn, allowing the master fan to create his ultimate weapon - the Bababooey box rally cap, carrying RU to a victory. never doubt the power of the rally cap.

Get ready for week 3 in a row of noon time starts against Iowa-Get ready to get B1G!!


  1. Clearly BRES was the catalyst, but I am proud that the RU comeback began immediately after my initial 'dual popcorn' purchase. It was a difficult box (or two) to swallow, and my hands and feet remained swollen for several days due to the extreme sodium intake and subsequent water retention, but the upside is that I did not need to pee for 72 hours. This week, I will gladly pass the dual popcorn mantle onto someone with lower blood pressure.

  2. Glad to see the blog back up and running. I'm ordering enough steak (and prepping home fries and onion & pepper) for 25 people (~ 8 lbs. of meat), so if you plan to bring several others to the table let me know ASAP and I'll order more. Because of these stupid noon starts and that Pat's doesn't open until 9 a.m. (we, of course, meet at 845), I need to pick up the meat Friday by 6p, so speak soon if you're bringing a ton of people along.

    We'll DEFINITELY need the second grill this week, mainly for warming the spuds and O&P. Someone needs to borrow one from a neighbor or something if Basil and Scott are not around.