Thursday, August 20, 2015

Get To Work, Shane!

Welcome to the "soft launch" of B-Rep!

It is with great excitement ahead of the 2015 Rutgers football season that we are rolling out our own personal blog space for the Section 121 tailgate group.

From the 2013 season
The Hobo clan is on vacation through next week, so Shane may not get rolling for another week or so, but expect fast and furious activity in the lead-up to the home opener on Saturday, Sept. 5.

Once their respective invites are accepted, B-RES/Shane and his mentor, B-REP, will co-moderate our blog; my mug is only up on the main page now as a result of me buying the URL ( was available, but for something like $32,000) and already having another blog that I write and moderate (; shameless plug).

Anyway, eventually we hope that everyone will contribute (and I will have no real involvement).